What should we do when we speak a business speech?

The goal of the business speech is to realize the transfer of commercial value, so that the expression of public expression can’t be turned into a speech and persuasion, so as to better complete the business value of business transactions, commercial roadshows, transfer of value, persuading investors, and shaping a good corporate image. Some business people often show nervousness, unclear thinking, confusing points, boring monotony, and unconvincing in business speeches. Such a presentation will affect the efficiency of the meeting within the enterprise, and the communication will be weak. If the external customer is faced, the image of the company, products, and brand will be greatly reduced. At the same time, the poor business presentation skills and the talents of the company are not fully demonstrated, which even becomes the bottleneck of their career development. So, what should the speaker do to make a qualified business presentation?

  • Typhoon and style

Typhoon and style are important factors in determining the success or failure of the speaker. Only nature, sincerity, and grounding can win the trust of customers. The style is a person’s label, which is a clear distinction between others and others. Style and typhoon are the personal charms of the speaker. Personal charm is the person who has been practicing for decades. It is impossible to imitate or learn, but we can find the direction to strengthen it to a certain extent, making it more powerful and attractive.

  1. Stay confident and keep smiling

A successful speaker is first and foremost a confident speaker. A smile can not only give people a friendly feeling but also draw closer to the audience. A smile can also eliminate their tension.

  1. Strong Pace

The pace of health also gives people a positive feeling, which makes you feel energetic. On the contrary, if you drag and pull, or the pace is slow, it gives a feeling of negative burnout.

  1. Eye contact

A line of sight to a speech is very important to a speaker. The correct line of sight makes the speech more appealing. During the speech, the speaker should learn to use the eyes to communicate with the audience. This will have a very good effect. The audience will feel that you value him very much. Of course, he will attach importance to you. When I speak, I will face a lot of people. When I speak in front of the public, I also have to bear the gaze of the audience.

  • Gesture

There is no fixed pattern in the use of gestures. It is entirely dominated by the character of the speaker and the content of the speech and the mood of the speaker at the time. It varies from person to person. Generally speaking, real speech gestures are all sentimental in nature, so it will be more natural, and the audience will look more comfortable.

Don’t think about learning what gestures, natural, valuable gestures are the ones you will be born with, because gestures are an external manifestation of your inner instinct. It is a clear label that belongs to you personally. It is to be natural and valuable. When you speak, your impulses and desires will naturally make you make some powerful and valuable gestures, listen to your heart, and reach the realm of mind and man! Business presentations are not simply conveying information. Business presentations are essentially a persuasive act, and accurately speaking, a persuasive transaction. It is a vital skill for entrepreneurs and white-collar workers, especially entrepreneurs, a good idea, a good plan, and a good slide. If you can use the presentation skills well and communicate the central ideas to investors, the results are often more than expected.

  • Sound
  1. Sound clarity

The speech relies on voiced language to express thoughts and feelings and communicate with the audience. If the speaker’s voice is ambiguous, it’s impossible to accurately convey the feelings. When speaking, to make the sound concentrated and clear, first of all, rely on the power of the biting organs, which is mainly expressed on the tongue and lips. The tongue is active and influential in the oral cavity. In all the syllables of Mandarin Chinese, except for the lip sound of the consonant, all the active activities of the tongue are relied on. The tongue is powerful and the sound will be clear; if the tongue is soft and lacks resistance, the sound will be blurred. It can be seen that the clarity of the sound is closely related to the activity state of the tongue.

  1. The language of the speech should be smooth

The speech is a kind of oral expression art. It not only requires the voice to be clear and accurate but also requires the speaker’s language to be smooth and natural, sweet and sweet, in order to fully display the rigorous logical power and language charm. Language flow Yangdu training focuses on strengthening language practice, reading more and speaking more. “Reading” means reading more famous speeches, including silent reading, reading aloud, and fast reading. “Speaking” means that as long as conditions permit, you should not let go of opportunities, sort out your ideas, keep talking, and even participate in debates to improve the fluency of words.

  1. Pay attention to the interlacing of tone

In the process of speech, the tone changes with the development of the content of the speech. Sometimes, when expressing the tone of a certain emotion, other emotional colors appear, so there is a staggered and overlapping tone. Mr. Wen Yiduo’s “Last Speech”, the tone of the whole article is anger and agitation, but it also penetrates the strong love for Mr. Li Gongpu and his family and the expectation and pursuit of the bright future. Therefore, in the tone training, we should pay attention to the staggering of this tone, distinguish the primary and secondary, handle the overlap and transition, and make the tone better serve the content.

  1. Control the speed of speaking

The speed of speaking is a point that the speaker needs to pay attention to. In order to create a calm atmosphere, it is important to speak a little slower. It should be noted that if you continue to do the same speed from beginning to end, the audience will sleep. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the speed of speaking according to the content of the speech, so that there is a combination of fast, slow, fast and slow, so that the speed of speech can attract the attention of the audience.

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