What is a good business environment like?

The business environment is the main carrier of traditional commercial formalization. The market image reflects the application attributes and value attributes of goods and is an important means of manufacturing purchases. A good business environment should be an appropriate interpretation of the goods and needs and the correct guidance for the purchase. So what should a good business environment look like?

A rich variety of goods

A good commercial company has its own inspection system for the quality of its products. There are no adulterated or expired products in the products sold. Based on this, if it is food, it must ensure the taste. If it is clothes, make sure it is beautiful and fashionable. In addition to the most basic quality issues, different types of products have different priorities.

The variety of goods is abundant. In terms of refinement, there are more brands of the same kind of goods. In the case of shampoo, there are more than a dozen common brands. Each brand introduces different functions of shampoo for different hair characteristics, which can meet different needs of users. Regardless of the user’s final choice, at least we can give him enough choice. We can classify goods into high, medium and low grades according to price, the higher the price, the better the quality. The number of different grades of goods also indirectly reflects the economic development level of a region. In different regions, there may be less difference between the two grades of medium and low grades. But if it is a high-end product, it will be particularly obvious.

In terms of product richness, there are two situations that we don’t want to see. First, due to the monopoly of certain local brands, other brands are kept out of the city, so that local consumers can only choose goods produced by local manufacturers; second, the merchandise manager of certain categories requires special permission. Due to the limitation of documents, the sales of some specific commodities in many places have long been in the hands of a fixed number of merchants, forming a monopoly.

Fair pricing, integrity

There are many factors that worry us during the daily trading process. The most common ones have three aspects. The first is that the counterparty didn’t perform in accordance with the agreed contract. For example, if you buy a fake product, the other party doesn’t pay the money according to the regulations. The second is that the merchant deliberately raises the price so that consumers can buy the goods at a higher price without paying attention to the market, and spend more money. The third is to hide the tricks in the transaction contract, using the customer’s failure to check the contract content in detail, deceiving others’ money.

A good business environment should avoid such problems, and the graphic description of the product is consistent with the real information. Including subsequent service items and prices should be stated. If the parties to the transaction strictly follow the agreed contract, they will save a lot of trouble and will be more worry-free. Product pricing is fair and reasonable, and the price paid by each consumer at the same time, the same space, and the price of the same product is the same. Because different regions have different spending power and operating costs, many brands have different pricing for different regions. Coupled with changes in fashion trends, many brands will also carry out seasonal promotions. If the price cut is due to regional and seasonal promotions, it is understandable. However, if the merchants are pricing according to the consumption power of different people, it is unfair. In fact, some clothing brands are more principled, no matter when they don’t cut prices. In the real world, in order to ensure the truth of the transaction information, both parties must abide by integrity. Some industries are even more terrible markets, such as the rental market, where false information is very serious. The good house I saw from the Internet, the price is very low, after going, or the decoration is not as good as the picture, or the price is too expensive. Every time I encounter such a thing, it is definitely very angry. Now some emerging companies are changing this situation, such as the chain home, I love my family’s apartment. Their products have brought some changes to consumers’ attitudes toward renting.

We summarize the three advantages of these emerging rental platforms: First, a set of standards for measuring the quality of houses was established to ensure the true information of the platform. So everyone can understand the different room types through the introduction of pictures. The second is to develop a set of contract specifications, of course, the premise is in line with the law, and reasonable. Inform the customer of the risk in the transaction in advance, understand the rules, and even if there is a conflict of interest, there is a loss of interest and it is more acceptable to each other. The third is to talk about integrity, to ensure that the services provided can be put in place so that users are more practical when they spend money.

Excellent man-made service

In the category of commercial services, in addition to providing goods for sale, another important aspect is people-centered service. There are many services provided by humans, such as babysitting, driving school coaches, cleaning, massage, etc. There are more uncertainties in the services provided by people, and many things are difficult to control. Let’s take the cleaning service as an example. The cleaning staff cleans the cleanliness of the room. The gap between good and bad is very subtle. A customer can see, but in the actual process, we are embarrassed to ask the problem. But if you choose a cleaning staff in the future, everyone still has a standard of measurement.

Selfishness and laziness are commonalities of human beings. If a company wants to afford a good service, first, the company needs to establish good rules and regulations for its employees, and give them certain binding force. Second, the company can improve the welfare of employees, and no one can deny the driving force of material interests to people. The third is to establish a set of evaluation mechanism, the service is good or bad, the customer is the most vocal, give the customer an evaluation channel, and link the customer’s evaluation results with the employee’s performance.

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