How do we write a business plan?

Most entrepreneurs have a misunderstanding of the business plan, and always feel that writing a business plan is for financing. I haven’t gotten financing yet, I don’t need to worry about writing a business plan.” Or “My fair has done a good job, don’t need to write a business plan.” These are all one-sided ideas. In fact, business plans are an important reflection of the direction of a company/project, not just for investors. It can help the startup team to re-examine the new company’s business model is correct or not, to sort out a future development plan with operability, and secondly for money. This is actually what investors want to see, how well you know about the company/project, and whether your business ideas are comprehensive. When the investment funds are in place, the startup team should still be able to continue the development plan of the business plan instead of putting it into the cold place, and no longer ask questions. Then the question is coming, how to write a business plan!

  1. Who is your business plan written for?
  2. The partner and core backbone

Business plans written to partners and core backbones can help integrate the team’s ideas and let the team know: How to understand the company’s valuation? How to understand the contribution of each member of the team in the valuation, not the investment ratio? From this point of view, the business plan is also the method of aggregating the team. If you can make good use of your business plan, it will contribute to the different stages of your company’s development.

  • The business partner

The current market is highly competitive, so the business plans written to the business partner should be more clearly positioned. A good business plan can make us more clear about our business model, thereby reducing our business competitors, getting more business partners, and helping us build better relationships. Therefore, such business plans should be a tool to help us negotiate with others.

  • The investors

To investors, the number of business plans that can be reached in a year is piled up like a mountain. If we don’t have a good business plan, we are likely to miss a good investor. Many people often make mistakes when writing business plans, all the things that the company has written on it. But in fact, a business plan is a form of communication, an expression, an expression of attitude. Investors are more likely to see your way of thinking and expression and attitude. If the investor does not see your grasp and understanding of the entire company, and can’t see your confidence and attitude towards the project, it is difficult to be convinced.

  • The government

Business plans written to government agencies are mainly used for variable declarations, such as entrepreneurial support, subsidy policies, etc. Therefore, such business plans need to write out the content as needed.

  • A good business plan is enough for 7 pages

You have to know one thing, the investor’s time is limited! So a clear catalog and outline is a way to respect the reader. The language is concise, so try to let others know what you want to say. The clear layout structure makes the business plan more organized and allows readers to see at a glance.

  • Page one: What is your project doing?
  • Page two: Who is your user and how big is the market?
  • Page three: How is this project done?
  • Page four: Where is your core strength?
  • Page five: Who is doing this project?
  • Page six: Who is your competitor?
  • Page seven:What is your financial plan and strategic plan?
  • Business plan tool
  • Positioning method

Positioning is especially important for writing a business plan. Using a positioning method to think about a project can help us to express it more accurately. We need to start from these four points: Everything starts with the customer. Customer mind is a scarce resource. The market is fiercely competitive. No positioning can be done once and for all.

  • Business model canvas

Business model canvas is thinking structure. However, it can’t be moved directly into the business plan. Business model canvas map refers to a tool that can help entrepreneurs to create ideas, reduce guesswork, ensure that they find the right target, and solve problems properly.

  • PEST analysis

PEST analysis refers to the analysis of the macro environment. When analyzing the background of an enterprise/project, it is usually through these four factors to analyze the situation.

  • Five force model

The Porter Five Force Model map brings together a number of different factors in a simple model that is an essential tool for industry competitive analysis. Five strength models identify the five main sources of competition. Five forces refer to: The bargaining power of the supplier. The ability of potential competitors to enter Competitors in the industry are now competitive alternative ability of alternatives the buyer’s bargaining power.

  • SWOT analysis

A SWOT analysis is a way to help companies accurately find the core competitiveness of their products. Using SWOT analysis, we can conduct a comprehensive, systematic and accurate study of the situation in which the research object is located, and formulate corresponding development strategies, plans, and countermeasures based on the research results.

  • Format requirement
  • Overall format

Generally speaking, the business plan requires a clear overall style and a space for a layout. The color of each page should generally not exceed three colors. Align fonts, boxes, tables, and charts as much as possible. The number of PPT pages in a business plan is generally less than 15 pages.

  • PPT font

General advice: Whole article (including Chinese and English) adopts [Microsoft Yahei] font. Title font size using [20], the first level title in the text uses [16], in principle, the first level title in the text does not exceed [18]; the content of the text is [14], in principle, it does not exceed [16]; Paragraph line spacing is recommended to use [multiple line spacing -1.25].

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