Little knowledge about printing processes and processes

Printing is a technique in which an original such as a character, a picture, or a photograph is transferred to a surface of a material such as paper, fabric, or leather by a process such as a plate making, ink application, or pressurization, and the original content is copied in batches. There are many forms of printing, the most common being traditional offset printing, screen printing, and digital printing. read more

Development status of the printing industry

China’s printing industry has a long history, and there are many internal sub-sectors, which can be divided into publishing, packaging, printing and other printing. Printed products are used in all major areas of national economic life. This brings great convenience to the lives of our citizens. Thanks to the rigid demand of the national economy and cultural market and the integration and development of global integration, China’s printing industry has made considerable progress. The scale of the market has grown steadily, and an industrial economic system with knowledge and information as its main content and which can influence international competitiveness has gradually formed. So, what is the current status of the printing industry? read more

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