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The ability of a person to practice in this life is called the ability to speak. When you learn to speak, you will integrate all the knowledge you have learned under the subconscious. The recombination and hybridization of knowledge become the so-called inspiration, and inspiration is the source of one’s creativity. By increasing your speaking ability, you can activate your inner energy and your life reaches another level of energy. Finally, we will find that learning speech gives us true love and happiness.

A person who has energy can acquire two abilities, one is the ability to directly attack the core, and the other is the ability to understand human nature. These two abilities are our life wisdom. Efforts, hard work, and learning are all for wisdom. The core and lifeline of public speech is “a lesson for a lecture”. When you “speak a lesson,” this means that you have the opportunity to continue to come to power. The quickest way to master the wisdom of speaking is to practice and practice to make everything better. To be a good business speaker, you must fully grasp the basic skills of the speech.

  1. Openingone’s mouth

Dare will be more important, the first “dare” is to dare to speak. Speech, first you have to speak out. As long as you stand on the stage, just pick up the microphone and you have to open it loudly. The author was particularly sloppy when he was a child because the adults constantly praised: “This child is sincere and does not like to speak.” He believes that not loving speech is a virtue, and the result is a ruin of learning the most golden for more than a decade. When I was admitted to a normal university, I began to learn to speak and learn to speak after I graduated with the fear of being a teacher. Until one day, I suddenly realized that the platform would not die, so in the process of rushing to the podium, again and again, I gradually got used to the public speech, and finally began to enjoy the public speech.

Now many training institutions that teach speeches encourage their students to voluntarily sign up for the growth of the commandos and insist on sharing every day in the We Chat practice group. This is the best way to practice your opening without a podium. Of course, if you can take the initiative to find opportunities to share for free or free speech, it is the best practice. Just as you learned all the essentials of swimming, you have to get into the water, you want to learn to ride a bicycle, you have to get on the bus and then fall a few times. The opening is the swimming water, desperately paddling forward, and then a few mouthfuls; just ride the bicycle and start to balance and slowly move forward.

  1. Hands-on

It’s important to practice your lectures, your physical movements, and the most physical movements are hands-on. The purpose of hands-on is to use your body language to match the content you express. It must be blunt at first, then slowly and freely.

If one day you attend a speech learning session and you want to grow fast, you must express your emotions with a lot of action. Because the action creates emotions, the body movements multiply the influence. Whether a person is full of enthusiasm and passion is through the action to let others feel. As long as you speak, you must use gestures to express, constantly express yourself, let others feel your love and care, express your friendship with others, and express your help to others.

  1. Performance

The speech is not just about speaking but also about acting. The most fearful thing about the speech is that you are expressionless when you speak, that is, the “dead person” that others say.

The famous Italian tragedy Rossi once traveled to France. At a welcome dinner, the guests asked him to read a line. The actor couldn’t remember the lines for a while, but the enthusiasm was difficult, but he had to look at the table and read it in Italian. Although the guests could not understand Italian, but seeing his desolation, his face full of grief, miserable tone made all the guests burst into tears. Only his peers snickered because Rossi read the menu on the table.

Speakers convey their messages through language and express their opinions. Sometimes the information conveyed by body language is more intense. People don’t necessarily remember what you are saying, but people can remember what he feels. Why do you not understand a word in a pantomime, but you can fully understand the expression of the story and make you feel deeply touched. This is the magic of “playing”. Therefore, in a person’s life, work, and study, you must make yourself full of smiles. Never let your “bitter face” destroy the overall feeling of the community and destroy the feng shui in your home.

  1. Logic

The logic of the speech is the framework of the speech. What is logic? That is, what to say first, what to say later, how to design the content framework, is the order in which the content of the speech is arranged. Training your own speech logic, you can choose some philosophical books because the logic of philosophical thinking is very strong. For example, Feng Youlan’s “A Brief History of Chinese Philosophy” carefully reads and carefully considers the thought patterns and logical sequences. To improve the logic of the speech, you can collect some videos of the debate contest online. If you have the opportunity to participate in the debate, it is a good opportunity to exercise your own logical thinking.

  • How to improve the logic of the speech?
  1. Defining the purpose of the speech

When you start your speech, be sure to know what purpose your speech has? The purpose determines the outline and logical order you want to talk about.

  1. Progress from shallow to deep

People are easy to understand is a simple problem, so to improve people’s cognition, it is easy to make it easy, from shallow to deep, from the table to the inside. The thoughts you want to express must conform to people’s cognitive laws and pay attention to the order of meaning expression.

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